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Enjoy Winning with! is North America’s premier contest platform providing its members with daily, weekly and monthly contests to win real prizes from top national brands. At, we disclose the username of every contest entrant in real-time and both select and disclose the username of all winners within minutes of a contest’s conclusion. This way, you always know who wins and we are always held accountable.

How we Work

At we will deposit contest credits into your account every day. Simple go to the contest you wish to enter and click "Enter for a chance to WIN". Each time the enter button is clicked, the applicable number of credits will be withdrawn from your account. Each contest specifies the number of credits required to enter. Enter all of your credits into one contest or spread them all around for greater opportunities to win. It is completely up to you!

Summary of Contest Rules

Number of Winners - One

Odds of Winning - Depends upon the number of eligible contest entries received prior to the contest end time

Eligibility - All contests are open to residents of Canada and the United States of America. Certain restrictions apply which can be found in the full contest rules

Prize Redemption - All contest prizes must be redeemed within 24 hours of the contest end time. Simply log in to your WinJunkie account, click on the number of credits remaining in your account situated at the top right corner of your web-brower and click "Redeem". Contest winners may be asked to complete a skill-testing question prior to redeeming their prize.